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16 Jan 2015

Donating a healthy smile is the goal of aesthetics dental branch of medicine that provides in addition to a healthy mouth also a bright smile, thanks to cleaning and corrective methods specifically designed to correct any defect in appearance. Before resorting to technical correction is necessary to begin by cleaning techniques, from manual to run every day after meals, to medical to do the dentist with lasers to remove plaque and remove tartar. Only later will the correction techniques, used to improve the smile and carried out according to the problem: these include the gum surgery, porcelain veneers,...

06 Jan 2015

Dentures Rome Important variations in load of the entire masticatory apparatus may also occur with the loss of a single tooth. Through the use of dentures, you have the option of replacing the lost items.

There are two different tipolodie of dental prostheses: dental prostheses mobile and fixed dental prostheses. Dentures The dentures are backed to the gums in the case in which the teeth are totally non-existent or fixed to the remaining teeth. This type of dental prostheses tend to have a negative action against the teeth by which they are supported; these elements are in fact forced to abnormal loads...

30 Dec 2014

Dental implants are doing more and more career and starting to be a regular part of dental offices offer. Speaks and writes about them more and more, but patients still have doubts and questions that demonstrate the faint of knowledge on the subject. Let us try to teach them about dental implants and dispel any uncertainty associated with them.

Let's start caring for dental implants. Their care is the same as the daily grooming of a person who has natural teeth. Therefore they need to be brushed regularly and flossing. The thread is very important, because if you do not take care of the...

22 Dec 2014

Teeth whitening: I heard recently a method which turns completely white teeth for 1-2 hours. Tooth whitening is a very effective and spectacular medical intervention. Recently, I tried this method, and I'm very happy with the results. In the following, general and I'll talk about in a little more detail on the page. So take a read through. As everyone knows the human face, the most striking parts include the teeth. That is why more and more people want to perfect teeth. The well-groomed and healthy, white teeth and make it much more courageous man with a smile and be much more confident as well.