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16 Jan 2015

Donating a healthy smile is the goal of aesthetics dental branch of medicine that provides in addition to a healthy mouth also a bright smile, thanks to cleaning and corrective methods specifically designed to correct any defect in appearance. Before resorting to technical correction is necessary to begin by cleaning techniques, from manual to run every day after meals, to medical to do the dentist with lasers to remove plaque and remove tartar. Only later will the correction techniques, used to improve the smile and carried out according to the problem: these include the gum surgery, porcelain veneers, orthodontic appliance, and numerous solutions to whiten teeth solve with the help of good dentists for dental prostheses in Turin and other cities.


Gum surgery to improve the smile

Sometimes a smile is penalized by small defects that seem unsolvable, but now find solutions thanks to modern methods. The gum surgery solves those defects in the gums that do appear in the pink part smile more than they should, hiding part of the tooth. The intervention is to restore the right proportions between the gum and tooth and then create a harmony in the smile making visible the white part.


Porcelain veneers incredible to illuminate the face

Porcelain veneers are a very popular solution especially among celebrities, who usually have perfect white teeth. The dental veneers are a thin ceramic shell that is placed on the surface of the teeth: the imperfection, which is given by the color, the shape or position of the tooth is soon corrected. The effect is amazing and immediate, and is the ideal solution for those who are not fully satisfied with their teeth. The veneers are very durable and have long life, but it is important to remember that after a certain period of time to be changed approximately every ten years.


Fashion whitening DIY

And 'soaring fashion bleaching DIY fact today many resort to home remedies or toothpastes details or the "strips", or adhesive strips, quite affordable especially for the cost, but it is better in any case seek treatment of good dentists in Turin as Roma.


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