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22 Dec 2014

Teeth whitening: I heard recently a method which turns completely white teeth for 1-2 hours. Tooth whitening is a very effective and spectacular medical intervention. Recently, I tried this method, and I'm very happy with the results. In the following, general and I'll talk about in a little more detail on the page. So take a read through. As everyone knows the human face, the most striking parts include the teeth. That is why more and more people want to perfect teeth. The well-groomed and healthy, white teeth and make it much more courageous man with a smile and be much more confident as well. I often do not think about it, how important these things are actually.

The smile at the same time, I think of the soul as well. Typically, each person white teeth until he reaches the age of 18. After this age often begin to smoke or drink coffee, pills, etc .. that discolor the teeth and completely debilitating. Until today a whitening process was very difficult and often lengthy, or unaffordable, and the results were generally not too encouraging. Today, there are procedures that are bridged with a total package of past problems and mistakes of whitening.

I read that the bleaching process starts by examining the full range of teeth. Prior to the patient's teeth whitening order should be made. This is the first step to start the fogkőtől the various deposits and cleans the teeth. Then, the actual color of teeth set, based on a range of colors, and allows the dentist directly onto the teeth whitening gel DRIED which tissue is extremely friendly, pH was neutral, so it will not cause damage to the teeth ínyünket not. After the entire tooth whitening final adjustment of the lower and upper teeth beautifully uniformly screened harmless and painless plasma light special, approx. fifteen to twenty minutes. This process is then followed by removal, if necessary, and then the gel was washed again twice with the same procedure.

After the third such repetition washed the teeth, and the results are compared with before you get the color card in front of him and so you'll see the amazing difference between before and after him, the result of the whitening process. I think is very useful, and astonishingly effective, but can be paid in the procedure. Thank you for your attendance here. Invite others to this site on the topic of whitening.

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